Shezad Dawood's work part of Out of Our Heads

Shoreditch Town Hall, London

Shoreditch Town Hall, 

Out of Our Heads

curated by James Putnam and Vassiliki Tzanakou 

13 - 29 June 2014 


Alice Anderson • Emi Avora • David Birkin • Paul Benney • Jessica Bugg • Jonas Burgert • Mat Chivers  Mat Collishaw • Shezad Dawood • Doug Foster • Paul Fryer • Susan Hiller • Hans Kotter • Mondocromatico •  Adeline de Monseignat • Numen/For Use • Tim Shaw • Jason Shulman • Agnes Treplin • Pink Twins • Ben Tyers • Jarno Vesala • Hugo Wilson • Hattie Worboys  •  Patrick Eakin Young 

Out Of Our Heads is the first art project of the newly established arts organisation ARTINTRA, which is committed to the production of multi-disciplinary arts projects.

Artists, scientists and curators gathered and combined their knowledge and skills to question human perception, illusions and hallucinations and challenge belief systems. The artists will attempt with their work to excite the human senses, while the scientists will provide us with their scientific knowledge and experience. The evocative, labyrinthine space of the Shoreditch Town Hall basement will further challenge the spectator's perception and trigger an intense awareness of the self and mind.


May 9, 2014