"But this small setback counts for nothing now. We have accepted the limitless size of the station and this awareness fills us with feelings that are almost religious. Our instruments confirm what we have long suspected, that the empty space across which we travelled from our own solar system in fact lies within the interior of the station, one of many vast lacunae set in its endlessly curving walls. Our solar system and its planets, the millions of other solar systems that constitute our galaxy, and the island universes themselves all lie within the boundaries of the station. The station is coeval with the cosmos and constitutes the cosmos. Our duty is to travel across it on a journey whose departure point we have already begun to forget, and whose destination is the station itself, every floor and concourse within it…


Estimated diameter: 15,000 light years."


Excerpt from Report on An Unidentified Space Station by J. G. Ballard


At The Armory Show 2013 Paradise Row presents Report on An Unidentified Space Station inspired by J. G. Ballard's early short story of that name.


In the tale a group of astronauts report from an abandoned space station that mysteriously grows in size as they explore it until it becomes apparent that the space station is a universe unto itself. After periods of confusion and depression at the impossibility of fully comprehending the world around them, the astronauts finally develop an ecstatic and religious acceptance of the limits of knowledge and human understanding.


Contributing artists include:


Adam Broomberg & Oliver Chanarin

Jake & Dinos Chapman

Shezad Dawood

Tom Gidley

Margarita Gluzberg

Barry Reigate

Douglas White

Jane & Louise Wilson

Eric Yahnker




The Armory Show 

Pier 92 & 94

Twelfth Avenue at 55th Street
New York City


The Armory Show 2013 Opening Day takes place Wednesday, March 6th for invited guests.

With special thanks to Tim Braden for the inspiring beginnings of this presentation.


Public Hours:


Thursday, March 7th - Saturday, March 9th, 12pm to 7pm
Sunday, March 10th, 12pm to 7pm



Piers 92 & 94 are located on Manhattan's west side on the Hudson River (Twelfth Avenue) at 55th Street in the Passenger Ship Terminal complex. The piers are easily accessible by public transportation, taxi, and private vehicle. The nearest subway stop is four cross-town blocks east at 50th Street and Eighth Avenue.