Unseen Photo Fair Amsterdam 2012 | Margarita Gluzberg

19 - 23 September 2012

Paradise Row presents a major new work by Margarita Gluzberg from her ongoing, acclaimed series The Consumystic, a meditation on the mystical, ritual nature of material desire and consumption.


The new 80 slide work, The Consumystic (Winter), a projection piece, will be displayed alongside a number of platinum prints - all of the material originally shot on 35mm black and white slide film.


By double and triple-exposing the film, Gluzberg adopts the analogue photographic techniques of the Surrealists, to weave a mesh of consumer signs and spaces: the black gleaming lacquer of Chanel, reconfigured by the chaos of a Saturday afternoon at Primark.


In Gluzberg's hands, the camera becomes the interface between the consumer-voyeur, and the constantly changing, spectacular display of commodities. She creates images that seem to echo an age when consumer fictions were being invented for the first time, and brings them back to the present, a present where such fictions are becoming increasingly unsustainable.

Klönneplein 1
1014 Amsterdam