5 December 2012 - 12 January 2013

E R R A T U M, Installation Image, 2012, Paradise Row, London. Photographed by Joe Clark. 



Beyond Utility


E R R A T U M® is a new collection of dysfunctional luxuries conceived by London-based artist Jeremy Hutchison. Each object has been made with an error that removes its original function.


"True luxury has no function. It is not something to be used or understood. It is a feeling: beyond sense, beyond logic, beyond utility. It is an ethic of perfect dysfunctionality," says Hutchison.


Selecting factories across China, India, Turkey and Pakistan, Hutchison invited workers to insert an error in the items they typically produced. Each object is therefore the product of an individual worker's design.


E R R A T U M® will launch on December 5th 2012 at a pop-up boutique at Paradise Row, 74a Newman Street, London, W1. Each limited edition product will be numbered, sealed and authenticated with the provenance (factory name, worker, year of production). The collection will also be available to purchase via the E R R A T U M® e-commerce store at .


E R R A T U M® is co-produced by Paradise Row.

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