Eloise Fornieles: The Body is an Ocean

31 March - 2 April 2011

Eloise Fornieles | The Body as an Ocean #5, 2011

Private View: Wednesday 30th March 6:30 - 9:00pm


The Body is an Ocean, Eloise Fornieles' new immersive installation, creates a series of spaces that co-exist at once, physical and aesthetic, psychological and emotional, that amount to an expanded portrait of the human body.

In the darkened gallery hundreds of black buckets full of seawater sit on the floor. Hanging above the buckets is a formation of dimly glowing light bulbs.


The sound of a heartbeat, emitted at a low, almost subsonic frequency, fills the room. Its intensity varies, mimicking the critical moments of life, beginning in birth, during sex and during the onset of death. The low vibrations of the sound fill your chest and capture your breath.

From afar the dim lights become a constellation and so telescope space and time, linking the micro of the timescale and size of organic life to the macro of the timescale of the birth, life and death of the universe.